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Dick Flatley Master Barber

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Haircut and Beard Trimming Services in Racine, WI

Haircut and Beard Trimming Services in Racine, WI

Dick's barbershop provides top-of-the-line haircut and beard trimming services in Racine, WI. From carefully cutting your hair to getting a dashing beard trim, Dick will take care of all your haircare needs. Don't hesitate to visit for any barber services you require or contact us now for a consultation.

Barbershop in Racine, WI

Basic Hair Cuts

Dick Flatley's basic haircuts typically take just 15 minutes, letting you get in and out of the hot seat and back to your life without stressing any more about your appearance. Dick has an impressive amount of experience and can style your hair in the way that he believes will best fit you, or you can bring in references with the kind of cut you are interested in.

Basic haircuts from award-winning stylists can be expensive, but Dick Flatley is proud to put his award-winning hands to work for as little as $16. Dick guarantees his basic hair cuts for three days- if anything needs adjusting within that time frame, just come right on in, and he'll fix it at no extra cost. He is always welcoming to men, women, and children alike, so come and get the perfect trim today.

Custom Haircuts in Racine, WI

Single Process Hair Coloring

Whether you are interested in ridding yourself of encroaching greys or you want to add a splash of color to your look, Dick is here to serve. Men, women, and children over 12 years old can all get the best, semi-permanent hair dye experience for just $60 from Dick Flatley. Visit today to get your hair color consultation, just expect that the process will take around an hour, while corrective coloring can be more expensive.

Ear and Facial Micro Waxing

If you have excessive hair on your ears, neck, nose, and other parts of your face, Dick Flatley can easily wax your troubles away. His wax goes on warm, hardens, and then is removed in a non-painful process. Whether you want to clean up your beard line or rid yourself of unwanted hair, Dick is happy to help you achieve the look you want.

Beard Trimming

Don't struggle with trimming or shaping yourself; let a professional keep your beard looking its best. Visit today with any beard references you have and we'll talk out the right look for your face before getting to work. If you want to learn how to care and trim your beard like a professional, Dick Flatley also carries a useful line beard care products that you can take home!